Want regexto get particular value from a string

I received a value from python as a string, and i want to extract specific string values starting with “SE_” from it

input - values are not present in a function & SE_134 function is error.

Output - SE_134

Received input will be vary i want to get specific string which start from "SE_
" ,

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Please try this



Hi @Karthik_Murugesan


Hi @Karthik_Murugesan ,
in your case when using matches
System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(yourText, “SE_\w+”).Value

Here you go with explanation

stroutput_matches = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Matches(Strinput.ToString, “(?=SE_)\w+”)

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Hi @Karthik_Murugesan

Use the regular expressions to extract the required output


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Please try this @Karthik_Murugesan
Can also go with this:(SE_)\w+

Hi @Karthik_Murugesan

if your input is constant then you can use this like SE_134


Note : rest two will not match because of that it has not SE_ Constant

If your input is not constant you can use this then it i will work


Let me know its working or not





If your input is not constant expersion not working it give error in UiPath

can you share the input of yours once or else sample of multiple text


input we receive like - No Values Present in Lighting Inventory Sheet or SE_503&No Values Present in empty Inventory Sheet & BE_503

we receive input like this we want extract which is start with SE_ or BE_ (SE means system exception and BE means Busniess exception).

Yes your right while running its getting error now You can see that in the screenshot it matches the both SE AND BE

or else

if you need single match use this expression in code


if you need Multiple matches use this expression in code



HI @Karthik_Murugesan

Let me know if anything


this error i face

your right

use this and let me know now



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Hope its clarified for you


yes , now it’s resolved thanks.

cool, ok brother


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