UiPath advanced Training Level 3

Hi Guys

I was wondering if anyone get give me the finished solution for the UiDemo solution becasue I do not understand the PDF walkthrough of it. I would be better if they included a video walkthrough of creating the example. So that its easier to carry out the two assignments later on within the course.

Thanks in Advance

Hi @bobby,
Academy trainings are made in the way to understand the processes in the easiest possible way. I know that some parts may be not clear for everyone however we not allowing to post here the finished project for training so other people will have their possibility to learn something instead of using complete solutions.

Please have a look here. You can find many topics with help related to Level 3 - UiPath Demo part:

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In case of something you didn’t find. Please ask here.

You can view “Calculate Client Security Hash” Development here.



Trainings, certificates and Academy is to learn something and gain experience. Not to copy projects or use ready solution. Please don’t post such things.