Request to share Complex Business or Workflow Design Using Ui path Studio

Hi All Friends,

**Please Share any Complex Business Solution or Workflow Designed using Ui path Studio. Please share business document also along with design. I need it for Study Purpose and want to explore Ui path Technology . Any Kind of help will be much appreciated. **

Thanks and Regards,
Varun Shinde

Hello @varun_shinde1 ,

You can check this use case repository by uipath:


Hi Ankita ,
****thanks you so much for sharing. But in these use cases there is no any Information for Input Data to use for Bot processing like Excel Data format , Web Url to work with. i didn’t find anything if it there please tell me where i can find this.


go through the uipath academy courses, the advanced course have documentation to create a process based on that(PDD), you will learn a lot there.


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