Submitted Advanced Developer Level 3 Assignment 2, still waiting for evaluation

I submitted my assignment for the Advanced Developer Level 3 Assignment 2 early morning yesterday, and I checked this morning and it says it is still waiting for evaluation. I know the training site says it could take a few minutes but the submission says it was submitted 0 days ago and I think it is stuck and not going anywhere. Any advice on what to do? Thank you in advance.

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I have the same problem with level 3 Assignment 1, still pending on evaluation status for the last 24 hours. Can someone from Uipath team help us ? :grinning:

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@Anthony_Fauv @Redcorolla5

Some issue with Academy site and Uipath team working on this. I request you wait 1 or 2 days and then check it once. Hope the issue will be resolved soon.