Assaignment 1 scoring feedback on Level 3

I have submitted my assignment 1 on Level 3 Advanced Training and it says it is waiting for evaluation.
It’s been about 2 days now but as i heard it only takes a couple of minutes to evaluate.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


It sometimes take 2-3 days also. Based on both academy and acme sites. No problem. It will give you the results. All the best

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As @HareeshMR said, it can take few days (especially now that few more people are using it).

Good luck with the Assignment!

Even i have submitted the Level 3 Assignment 1 about 2 days ago, I still didn’t get the result. It’s just showing ‘Waiting for evaluation’. But it’s the automatic/system evaluation right? But it is taking too much of time.
Also without i get this evaluated i am not able to move to next one. I got stuck at this one.
I have also raised this issue with the UiPath’s support team. There’s much delay in user’s verification. I didn’t get any reply from them.
I am just waiting for it to get solved.

I can send you what lecture is next (it is also an assignment in PDF Format) if that will help you advance

I am also facing the same issue what @iamram01 is facing.

Yes, you can send.


@srdjan.suc Please, Share with me also. It will very helpful.

Yes, many are facing this issue. Is this a bug or what? Sometimes it’s taking 3 or more days as i read from some comments and posts.

Here, I’ve created new topic for that problem

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I have tried this one. But it didn’t worked.

Refer to my previous post. I’ve uploaded next Assignment that you are going to work on the Academy. You can work with this until your problem resolves

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I have contacted the support team. Here is what they say:

"As checked, your Assignment no. 1 hasn’t been evaluated since 21.07.
We have encountered some issues with the evaluation process and our technical team is working to settle this problem asap.
At this moment we do not have any estimated time for when the assignments will be verified, but we hope this will happen very soon.

Thank you for your understanding and your patience!

If you have other issues related to Academy Platform, please let me know, I’ll be glad to help."

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