waitForReady Complete - need help!

Hi fellas!

I’ve got a button on a webpage which i’m using a Click activity on.
It’s set to waitForReady = Complete, but it seems this flag is true before it’s clickable.
Now, the webpage is not loading (no load icon) when this part of the page is updating, so i cant check for that symbol to go away. The only thing i can see is a colorchange of the button.
But is this reliable?

Anyone got some other idea?


What happens when you click the button? Does something new appear?

  • You could check that and if it does not appear, click the button again.
  • Another solution would be to check the attributes of the button
  • also try On element appear with the option Visible and Active, so it should wait for the button to become active

Thanks for the tip!

Yeh, a new element should appear when clicking the button, perhaps i should check for that element…
On element appear does not seem to fix it though

Hi, I think so… but if you are not sure set an additional delay in the process before the click action.