Waitbelement or element exists

Hi Users,

Kindly sort out my problem that i need an idea to provide a sequence to execute on element appear or exists. But the issue is the desired actions has different output timings may differ for each output some may come early within 10 min or something will show after 10 hours.After the element appear the next sequence has to execute .Please help.

Hi @Sai_Santhosh_Selvam

Use On element appear activity!


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Whether this will wait for a day if the attended bot runs till the output appears.

Hi @Sai_Santhosh_Selvam

In this case you have to increase the TimeOut Properties!


Use element exist and increase the timeout according to your needs.

Thanks for the reply. but each data will be processed in different timing.for eg: Some will end within 10 min or some will end in 6 hours there is no exact timings .for each input how to use this method.

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