Wait for resume activity

I am using wait for resume activity to wait for user validation.
As per this activity the control wont go to the next actoivity until an user takes action.
How to tackle this situation?
I want to continue if no one takes an action

you can follow these steps:

1.Set a Timeout:

Within the properties of the “Wait for Resume” activity, you can specify a timeout value. This timeout represents the maximum amount of time the automation should wait for user validation.

2.Use a Parallel Activity:

Surround the “Wait for Resume” activity with a “Parallel” activity. This allows you to execute multiple branches of the workflow simultaneously.

3.In the first branch of the “Parallel” activity, place the “Wait for Resume” activity as you have been doing.

4.In the second branch of the “Parallel” activity, use a “Delay” activity with a duration slightly longer than the timeout you specified in the “Wait for Resume” activity. This acts as a backup timer.

5.Add a “Flow Decision” activity after the “Parallel” activity to check if the “Wait for Resume” activity is still waiting for user validation.

6.If the “Wait for Resume” activity is still waiting (which means no user action was taken within the specified timeout), proceed with your automation flow as needed.

Did you try with parallel activity ?
I am referring to point 2

Yes some of my work flows i have tried this parallel activity for simultaneously at a time that’s i have mention that parallel activity


Hello @Ritaman_Baral
Use timeout and provide that into try catch block. so if someone not took action it will go forward.

Hi @Ritaman_Baral ,

We would require more understanding of what is to be done for your process case.

Do we not need user approval for the Validations sent at that Stage, then we would not need to use the Wait For Resume activity but then the Question arises, when do you want to the User to Respond and the Bot to read the Response from the users if we are sending the Actions to the User ?

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