Download zip file folder and move the zip file to another location

Hi All ,
Here is my scenario ,

After click download zip button, i want to move that zip file to another location .
But problem is sometime zip file is very huge so it will take more time to download so my execution is getting failure due file not fully download in that location .

Solution i tried,

  1. implemented Hardcode delays for 20 sec but sometime its take more than 20 sec .
  2. used Wait for download , but somehow not working or we don’t have proper implementation steps , Also it will wait for file not sure about folder
  3. Used retry scope for move file activity ,its not working out .

Anyone have any proper steps to move zip file folder to Target folder after it got download successfully in source folder ?

Please suggest me .

Hi @Krishnakumar_Vasudevan ,




Hi @Krishnakumar_Vasudevan

In the wait for download activity you have a property called ignore temporary extension


In that pass the temporary extension like “crdownload,tmp,dwn”

If you check the download folder you can see the different extension in that downloading file if you see extension other than the above mentioned add a comma and add that extension. By this it will wait untill the complete download

Even after that it takes much time increase the timeout in the properties.


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