Wait for download activity - large files

I have a workflow where I have to download large excel files from web. I put wait for download and click activity inside, but it still throws error that file is not downloaded (file exists activity). The file size around 50MB. What do I do to make sure the file downloads properly?

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Hope this would help you resolve this

you can use a Do While loop.

In the do while loop use path exists activity to find whether the file is available. This returns a true or false. Use that variable as the condition for the loop

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Once you placed the Wait for Download activity, If you have the file size know then To Ensure it’s fully downloaded

You can do as below

Create a variable for downloaded files, write an assign activity as

FileInKB = downloadedfile.SizeInKB

Which results you the file size in KB

Already you know the file size before so you can compare with that

If you don’t know the file size before, then only way

is While loop and use Path Exists, declare a variable and set condition of while loop as PathExistsVariable <> True

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I did it like this

but don’t know why it throws me an error before it is downloaded. It throws error that it doesn’t exist immediately.

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Mention the condition as
NOT fileexists

Because only if the condition satisfies it will continue the loop else it will come out

So here until file exists the condition should not get satisfied

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Hello Mark,
For downloading large files I have this movie:


Be sure to build some sort of timeout within your do while loop.
Should some error occur during download your peocess will wait indefinately (or at least untill some other threshold intervenes.

Doesn’t matter if it is 5 seconds or 5 hours, but prevent the possibility of endless loops.
Something like this which would have a 5 minute timeout:

Of course if the timeout is reached you still want to validate the file’s existence and handle that exception if relevant.