Wait for Download across multiple bots

Hi all,

I note that the Wait for Download activity does not allow for multiple files at once, which makes sense in the “don’t download a batch of files in this activity” sense. This is presumably why there is no filter rule in the activity.

However, if I have several bots running a process that downloads files, how do I identify if the file requested by one bot is downloaded vs one requested by another? I want to ensure that results map back to the queue items correctly so that any download failures can be retried.

Is the best alternative to to use a retry scope on a path exists activity?


Hi @TJ_automates

Ideally every bot will be downloading to its own local files first and then if there is a shared drive it can sync…That way no bot will intefere in download of another anyways

and it ideally gives you an output file as well once done with the downlaod


I understand why you would do that, but in the case of an error you have to be able to go to that folder to move files. I also need my process to check if the file has already been downloaded (perhaps by a human) so in that solution it would have to check two locations. However, I understand that it would work that way.

My solution is to use a do while activity and a path exists activity, with delays/check app states and counters to enforce timeout rules. It allows me to handle errors and different timeouts depending on a progress bar existing or not, as well as check for the existence of a file.

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