Wait attribute activity doesn't recognize the waited element

Hi all,
I face a sort of problem, it’s not a big deal but it’s annoys me.If someone could help me, it will be much appreciated.
On RPA Challange site, i try to use Find Element to identify a button (Start button), save the element into a new variable and,then, with Wait attribute, i want to highlight the button again (the button attributes it s change after you press it). I did all like in the video tutorial from Uipath Academy, but my workflow is not able to identify the button after it s attributes changes.
To summarize:I saved the found element after clicking on Start button into a variable “button”. After that, a have a Wait attribute, where at element to wait i have the same “button” variable with a new attribute “innerText” to be “Round 1” - this is the new value for button after first press.


You can remove the innertext option.

Ok,thanks, i can try it but the scope for this exercise it was to see how an element, witch doesn’t have a reliable selector, can be dynamically recognized. After u press Start button on the web page, his value are changing into “Round 1” and this i want to verify in the next action (Wait new button). After pressing the button, it s inner text is “Round 1” and i don’t understand why the robot is not able to “see it” in order to highlight it.

Then, did you give element value on Wait Attribute activity?

Yes, i put the variable saved before ( in find element activity) as element , among the new attributes


How about dynamic selector?

I tried it but it doesn’t work or i didn’t use it properly.

At selector editor, you can make the variable.
I think you have to see the docs again.

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