RPA Developers Foundation Course Selectors Video Demo Property Explorer

I am working through the below demo. When I click the start button and it changes to Round 1 the wait attribute does not find it. If it is already clicked then the wait attribute will find it, so I know the wait attribute settings are okay. The selector for the element, when the button inner text is set at start and round 1 is the same. I have tried it with IE, chrome and firefox.

<html app=‘firefox.exe’ title=‘Rpa Challenge’ />
<webctrl tag=‘BUTTON’ />


Me too got in to the same issue. Did you figure it out?

Same issue here

Sorry, I couldn’t find the workflow I designed to see how I solved it, sorry I can’t be more help, should of updated this when I found the solution, though I suspect it was a hacky workaround!

I am having the same issue!