VM requirements for attended robot deployment

My team and I are considering deploying our attended robots on a VM. What are some prerequisites/requirements our VM should have in order for our attended robots to run effectively with minimum instability risks. Can we run the attended robots on the clients existing VM infrastructure? What would we truly need in terms of VM storage? Would there be a need for a dedicated server for the VM? Would we require an IP address? Any thoughts or considerations will be appreciated.

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First of all I think you should start from Documentation → https://docs.uipath.com/
There are separate section for each product with software and hardware requirements for each.

I was able to see the requirements for hardware and software, thanks. However, I’m not sure i understand completely. Being that I am aiming to run attended robots, will I still need to fulfill the requirements under “Orchestrator requirements”, since I will not be able to deploy the robots from orchestrator.

I’m not sure if I understand you right. So attended automation can be done in three ways:

  1. Let’s call it developer mode. You are just running automation directly from Studio.
  2. You can publish package locally (as nuget package) and run it from assistant (manually).
  3. Run it using orchestrator (can be manually or scheduled).

First two ways don’t need any connection to Orchestrator as can be done on particular machine where Studio or Robot/Assistant is installed. Third way requires connection to Orchestrator (internet in case of Community Orchestrator or intranet in case you have on-prem Orchestrator deployed in network).

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Okay, so lets say I will be using method #1 or #2 to run my automation. In that case, should my VM still fulfill “Orchestrator Requirements” pertaining to hardware and software or is that not required?

It’s not required as Orchestrator is a tool which requires separate server (in case of on-prem) to run on. For point 1 and 2 you need to stick with Studio and/or Robot requirements.