VLookup on two excels using LINQ

I need to perform VLookup on two excels using LINQ query.
Can someone create process for Vlookup two files attached using linq query and send me .xaml file?
I created process using LookupDataTable, but it takes 4.5 hours to perform lookup for large data. I tried LINQ query but its not giving output. Can someone pls check and correct me. Please find the sample .XAML

SampleLookup.xaml (7.8 KB)

Below are the sample input files.
input2.xlsx (10.3 KB)
Input1.xlsx (550.4 KB)

Required output:
Column “Transaction Confirm Number” from input1 Excel has to check with the Column “Transaction Confirm number” in input 2 Excel, and write the “material documents” values that has matched with “Transaction Confirm numbers” from input 2 excel,Output has to be written to “Material Documents” Column in Input 1 excel.

@ppr , @ashwin.ashok @Palaniyappan can someone help plss

heyy… i solved it :grinning:

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@Sirisha_Siri this below solution might be helpful