Vlookup with Two Excel Files using LINQ

I need to perform Vlookup on two excel files F1 and F2 using LINQ ,with lookup value as column values from F1 and table range from F2 and the value to be returned from F2 and updated in column in F1 file.

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@ppr could you please help me

can you please share some sample date along with expected output? Thanks

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f1 -.xlsx (8.3 KB)
f2.xlsx (8.4 KB)
in F1 column H has to be updated , by doing vlookup with F2 and using column A from F1 as lookup value,and after there is a match in F2 take value of column G from F2 and Update in column H in F1

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output will be updated in same F1 file

find starter help here:
UpdateDTLeft_1ColLookup_DictRixSet.xaml (11.1 KB)

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thanks a lot @ppr

hey @ppr one modification i needed , in the case very we dont find any match u have updated blank,i want to update ā€œ#N/Aā€ how can we do that

Change following line:
Let lkv = If(isNothing(g),ā€œ#N/Aā€,g(ā€œGā€).toString)

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yeah got it.Thanks @ppr

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