Vlookup in UiPath


Hi All,
I’m trying to migrate some logic from an excel that we need to replace.
I do this in the excel:


I have two sheets that I read into two data tables.


M2, Owner (with formula above)
123, ME
134, OTHER


123,        ,        ,,,,,,,, ME
138,        ,        ,,,,,,,, ME
145, 167 ,109  ,,,,,,,,,ME

Any ideas how I can do this in UiPath if I import the data to two different data tables?



Hi @cristian_ivanoff,

There is a new activity for Vlookup.


You can download it from the packages.


Are there any details / documentation for the Properties in this new VLOOKUP activity? I am not seeing the same options / values as the Excell VLOOKUP.

Is ValueToLookup the same as Lookup_value? A cell?
Is Value the result of the lookup?
Is ? the same as Range_value??




if someone already used VLookUpforUipath? If some one has simple example, I will really appreciate! Can someone explain on the simple example as " in Excel we will use this formula. In VLookUpforUipath in the frame Column_index we will write this, in Value that, into ValueTo Lookup needs to put information like this"…

Thank you!!!


I am unable to install in my ui path. do you have documentation on this?


Hi @Chandra_Mohan,

These things are guide you



Hi @Chandra_Mohan,

Not sure what kind of issue you face. May be the following link can help you.


If you are not sure of how to use vlookup function, you can do the following:

in the write cell text, use the vlookup formula that you will use in excel.
Works for me. Cheers :grinning:

  • Use For each row in Datatable1.
  • Inside for each, use lookup datatable activity for Datatable2. You can also use select statement for this.