UIPath Lookup Function

Hi All,

I am currently working in a controlled agency and my UiPath version is of the enterprise version.

I am trying to invoke the lookup function that is commonly known in excel. I have 2 excel sheets and I need to first look up values in ‘sheet 1’ and then check if the same value exists in ‘sheet 2’ and then create a column saying ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in sheet 1.

As my enterprise version of UiPath does not have the lookup function, can any kind souls please advise how can I still perform the function mentioned above.

Many Thanks!


If you have the VLookup formula, then assign it to a string variable and use excel application scope and write cell activity and give the value as that string variable . It will return the value if exists.

then use auto fill range to lookup all the values in the excel range.

If there is no value, it will write #Ref, to remove that, use the formula as IFERROR((vlookup formula),0)