Vlookup in UiPath help!

Hi all!

I am trying to translate the formula from excel to uipath. Please assist!

here is my excel formula:
=VLOOKUP(A27,’[Notes yields 7 May 18.xlsx]Sheet1’!$A$5:$E$9, 2,0)

and here is the uipath version: (what am i doing wrong? what should i add in the table field?)

@avene in Table field u can use range of table. What u shown in excel formula is correct. Use same thing in table field.

:slight_smile: Thank you for responding.

I tried that and I am faced with another error:

I was able to load the file using excel application scope but it doesn’t work in the vlookup function. What has gone wrong?

HI @avene,

try this one

Regards, Arivu :slight_smile:

@avene it is clearly stating, file error. Check name of the file.


Do you know how to use Vlookup in the new version

Can you please tell me what have you fed in the value for “Table”

It was probably the name of the Excel table.

However, you can also try the Look Up Range activity in the Excel package: