Vlookup in UiPath help!


Hi all!

I am trying to translate the formula from excel to uipath. Please assist!

here is my excel formula:
=VLOOKUP(A27,’[Notes yields 7 May 18.xlsx]Sheet1’!$A$5:$E$9, 2,0)

and here is the uipath version: (what am i doing wrong? what should i add in the table field?)


@avene in Table field u can use range of table. What u shown in excel formula is correct. Use same thing in table field.


:slight_smile: Thank you for responding.

I tried that and I am faced with another error:

I was able to load the file using excel application scope but it doesn’t work in the vlookup function. What has gone wrong?


HI @avene,

try this one

Regards, Arivu :slight_smile:


@avene it is clearly stating, file error. Check name of the file.



Do you know how to use Vlookup in the new version