Vlookup betwen different sheets of different xlsx files

Hello everyone,
I am facing some issues while applying vlookup between two excel file sheets using the lookup datatable activity in uipath.
Can anyone please provide help for how to properly apply Vlookup or lookup datatable between two different sheets of different files.
Let me explain see for example there are two files say PAC_abc.xlsx and the other is Grcy.xlsx file, both are attached. For the solution i have to - " In Col ‘AF(column32) of file PAC_abc.xlsb’
Apply VlookUP from “Grcy.xlsx” file Tab “Grcry” col
‘A’(column1) using the key col ‘B(Column2)’ in PAC_abc.xlsx ".
this is the type of which i am trying to find solution, tab is sheet here.

If any issues or confusion please revert asap i will clear it.

ShikharGrcy.xlsx (9.2 KB) PAC_abc.xlsx (9.2 KB)

Please check the below file Grcy.xlsx (9.2 KB) PAC_abc.xlsx (11.0 KB) Flowchart2.xaml (6.9 KB)

Hi @ImPratham45,
Thankyou for the response and the workflow i saw the result it is the expected one. But when I am running the same with file result is only #N/A not the desired one i have attached the xlsx docPAC_abc.xlsx (10.6 KB)
the Grcy file is the same but there are only #N/A in as result. Please help


If no data matched then you will get #N/A


Hi @ImPratham45, made some changes my self and the code is working, Thanks a lot ! for the response and the solution

Your Welcome!!! :blush:

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