'VisualBasicValue<Object>': Compiler error(s)

Currenlty, I am working around data table.
I have created the data table and declared output as variable, I have used message box. while running the flow I have executed with Step Into and passed the output data table variable, encountered the below error. Please let me know how to resolve the issue?


Can you share the xaml as file, if possible?


You have declared two variables, can you please provide more context to these?

What are you trying to achieve here? If you just want to see output of MessageBox and you provide output variable from Build DataTable it’ll just show output as “TableName”.

Hi @Sindhu_09

To print your data table data in your message box use “Output Data Table” Activity as it converts a data table to string output by giving the input has dtoutput and print your data table.

Giving dtoutput directly to message box will give you below image

If you want the contents in the data table you can follow below steps of the image:

In the above image,
output of “Build Data Table” is: dtoutput
Output of “Output Data Table” is: Output
Output variable is an string variable and printed in Message Box.

Hope you understand!!

This error may have come due to the scope of variable getting over. Since you are currently in main, the variable scope is not created yet. After stepping into the main sequence and build datatable, the error might change to null or values you entered.

If you want to see result of message box using step into, you can add a dummy activity like log message and put a breakpoint at that. Once testing is over this dummy activity can be deleted

Thanks for all the suggestions. I have deleted multiple variable and declared the variable and it worked fine

Thank you so much everyone

Hi @Sindhu_09

You can use Build Data Table too and follow the above steps. It will give you expected output.

Hope it will help you
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