Data Table error

Hi Look at the following error and pls helperror23


In your Workflow check with the Data table variable
Are you converting Data table variable to String

A Manohar

It clearly states in the error message what is wrong:

The variable of type DataTable cannot be converted to String.

Look in your code using debug mode

your implementation is invoking the workflow extractDataToEnter and this workflows has validations errors.

In that case open the workflows and check and correct there the issues as mentioned by @TimK
take notice of the vaildation button in UiPath Studio and may ues it for checking your corrections

I have not converted to string


Try to debug and find the error it is related to variable parsing.
can you post screenshots of your work flow.

Hi @KarthikBallary,

can you see if your argument imports are OK? probably you have samething like a DT, or boolean or other tha is not ok.

This error dont neet to be inside the workflow or you are traing to pass that you have like a Variable that must me passed like argument.

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Thank you there was a minor error

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