Want to view the Data table datas in the message box

I want view the data inside in the Table in message box

I need this DToutput data in message box

Hi @krishna_priya1 ,

You can use output data table activity to convert data table to string format, and then display it in the message box.

It’s just display the “TableName” only


I use the output data table like this
is this correct format


The output should be given in the messagebox, i can see that you have given the datatable variable in the message box input.



Hi @krishna_priya1 ,

Please check workflow below
View Datatable.zip (8.5 KB)


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I want to view the Company Name in the one message box and Invoice Number in another box like Date and total is this passible.

And thanks you helping me

Thank you bro for helping me

I believe multiple message boxes can’t be displayed simultaneously, but you can filter the required column in data table, using the below expression in the input of output datatable activity.

dtOutput.DefaultView.ToTable(FALSE, “Columnname”)


Any other option is available

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