Visual component in Excel doesn´t work after running the workflow in other environment

I am facing a terrible rework! Help me!
I developed a workflow related to some Excel controls in one machine and when I opened the same workflow in other machine/environment (after changing all the paths and it worked well) and try to execute the workflow, every click that I developed before was not working and I had to redo all of them. The Excel commands worked well but clicks, type into and other visual commands did not work. Someone knows why? I tried to redo just the “Attach Window” but did´nt work as well. I probably will work in different machines/ environments again and want to avoid this :slightly_smiling_face:

Obs.: The Excel sheets were exactly the same, equals. One was the copy of other, they have the same things at all, in the same place, using the same name.

Thanks all!!

Same version of office installed on both machines?