Visit Multiple URL and perform and action

Hello! Im trying to figure out how in StudioX to go to a URL that I have in a list in excel file, click two buttons, then go to the next URL on the list and do the same until all URLs are visited. Any help would be appreciated


you can use a read range activity, then loop through your dt and pass the currentRow(“Column name”).ToString in the open browser activity



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Hope the below steps would help you resolve this issue

  1. Use a Excel for each activity and pass the filepath of excel as input

  2. Inside that use a GO TO URL
    activity where mention the current row by pressing + symbol and map it from excel

  1. Inside the same loop use set of click activities you want next to the go to url activity

Then all those set of activities will automatically get in loop and perform the operation we want

Cheers @mp0578121

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