UiPath-Loop Excel rows and do do specific operation for each row and open Hyperlink stored in same row (this brings us to a sheet in same excel file)


Need help to loop through Excel sheet rows, if current row keyword from column A and column B matches, do operation for that row also click a hyperlink from the same row (Column F) that brings us to another sheet from same excel file (is it possible with studio not studioX ? ).

is there an option to know if I found the row in the Studio Data Table what row is that in the Excel file?

Hi @Raul_Selejan !
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Here is the suggested workflow (I use Studio 21.4, so don’t forget to update your Studio if you see “missing activities” when opening the file): Loop and get links.xaml (7.4 KB)
Before running the file, check the “IF” condition to apply it to your case (with the right column names)

Here is attached the file that I used for my tests: loop.xlsx (8.4 KB)

And here is the output result that I got: logs for Raul.txt (187 Bytes)

Let us know if it does not work as expected in your case !

Hi, Thank you for the reply, this answer help ne to get the solution to my problem :ok_hand:

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