Virtual Machine closes whenever a job is triggered through UiPath Orchestrator

Hi All,

I’ve tried executing a job from Orchestrator (inside a remote connection) but every time I trigger it, the remote connection closes. But whenever I run the project through UiPath Studio, it works and the remote connection does not close. Can someone help me with this?




I guess you are using Non production or unattended BOT licence. If yes then it will close remote connection if someone already logged into it.

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it will close because when you are running from the orchestrator in unattended mode bot will try to login into that machine so when bot is login into that means it will logout other sessions bcz at a only one can login

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Then what type of bot can I use inside a remote connection? Please know that I want to utilize our Orchestrator inside our remote connection.


This is not an issue right and it’s behaviour of Unattended BOT.

Here, BOT only will login into the system and will perform actions.

I tried triggering the bot with Orchestrator on my local machine and the same thing happens. The remote connection closes.

Should I just disconnect the bot on our remote connection and just connect it on my local PC? I’m afraid that some users on our organization would trigger bot on Orch and my local PC would just perform the tasks it was assigned to. We want the remote connection to perform the tasks and not on my pc.