Source code of (custom) activities



Hi guys,

Is it possible to see the source code of activities used in UiPath? I wanna start building some custom activities, but it would be nice to have a couple of examples to work with. I’ve already been through the documentation and the sample activity that’s built on the UiPath website, but that one is really small and limited.


To build custom activities you need to have Visual Studio community edition.
after that you pick up methods for your application what custom activity you want to build.
put together and build a package file and move that into UiPath package folder and access it from Manage package.

Hope my inputs are useful.


Hi @rkelchuri, thanks for your response, however that part I already know from going through the documentation. What I wanna know is if someone knows a way to see the source code of the current activities in UiPath, so I can see some examples of how to write the actual code for custom activities?