Finding code of my work flow

Where can I find the code of my flow that I have created in my Main file. I’m working on a college project and I need to paste the code. All I can see is json file present in the folder of the project but that is very small code for my work flow. Also it was nowhere in the tutorials provided by UiPath Academy. Had googled about this but didn’t find any answer.
So is the json file the only code that gets generated or there’s another code somewhere I can fetch from?

Hi @srushti_apandkar

First of all UiPath activities made of XML, so I believe you won’t be able to extract code.

If you want to show presentation, then opt flow charts and screenshots and explain each activity you’ve used in the workflow.

And if you’re keen to show some geeky data that looks like code then convert workflow in to Nuget package and extract it either into Nuget explorer or Visual Studio.

I hope that’ll help you up to some extent.

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Thankyou sir. I’ll try to convert in Nuget package.

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