View Invoke Diagram

I saw projects with a large number of workflows that invokes one another. It would be cool to have a viewer to see the invoke graph (like in Visual Studio where we have “View Class Diagram” showing the relations between classes)



It think this feature would look good in the Project pane itself, having a button to show the invoke hierarchy. I wouldn’t mind if a workflow appears in multiple branches. The only concern would be to avoid loops but that is easy to manage.

Is there a way to open the workflow assigned in a Invoke Workflow activity, without having to go to the Project pane and search for it? (Like pressing F12 on Visual Studio ans it navigates do the class/method code).

Right-click the Invoke activity and select ‘Open Workflow’ from the context menu.

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Thanks @andrzej.kniola!
I haven’t noticed that menu.
This made my day. :slight_smile:

“open workflow” should be more visible and not hidden behind context menu …