I can not find Invoke Workflow File activity in my Uipath Studio

Hello friends. I can not find Invoke Workflow File activity in my current UiPath Studio activity panel. Is there any activity which does the same thing? Thanks.


You can also drag and drop the xaml from the project folders where you want to invoke it

Which i showed in the image


I do not have that screen . So I can not do it.

it looks that you are working in StudioX. In which Studio you want to work?


Can you click on Project which is in top ,

In that you will see all the xamls


I am just new so, I do not know much stuffs about studio and studioX. I just watch some courses.

I still can not see.

About Studio / StudioX have al ook at the docus / UiPath Academy when you are new and do not know the differences

I did it. Thank you for helping.

But I’m not very good at coding. I guess StudioX is better for me right?


UiPath StudioX is designed with business users, non-developers, and beginners in mind. It focuses on simplicity and ease of use.

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