Versioning in UI path



I wanted to check how can we create a versioning system of the UI path files in GitHub in development and testing phase. Also what items needs to be versioned in git hub?


This depends on whether you use Orchestrator or not. The Publish button from Studio up to Orchestrator handles version control for you each time you upload the file. This can be found in the Process panel in the Orchestrator

Locally, the UiPath files live as Xaml files. Which are easily transferable and can even be emailed or uploaded. So you would just need to Save As whatever workflow you have then upload to GitHub as needed. We also do support GitHub integration directly if you just wanted to look that up as well!


Hi Long,

Thanks for your answer. We are using the orchestrator. However when we will start the development of the workflows and before publishing it in orchestrator how do we version it. I would also like to know more about github integration. Do you have any document on it. It will be very helpful!

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Hi Abhishek,

For Orchestrator, each time after you Publish, there is an unique version number uploaded in the Process tab for that specific workflow. The versions can then be downloaded from there as a form of version control.

As for GH, sorry that was my mistake, GitHub integration is in the roadmap but not yet presently available. We do support subversion via the Porject tab where you locate all your workflows.

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Thanks for the document.

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