Vb.net code on converting the eml. file to pdf

Hi All,

I was trying to convert a eml file pdf with a uipathteam component,

but this doesnt take the embeded image in the mail as it is to pdf, rather takes it as html string (not even as links)

so i thought like we can convert that eml to pdf or word or any document possible, may be with invoke code

Kindly help on this may be with any other feasible method or with a vb.net code
i have this code but not sure would work


Does that look like what you’re looking for? You’d have to import the syncfusion library (or libraries) but it seems simple enough although I haven’t tried myself


Hi @Palaniyappan,

May be you can try this.


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let me try once @Dave @balupad14

hi @balupad14
sorry na, i tried that component too already , i though its something different
it gives pdf but same as what word docx had, its saving text in a mail body as html string (not even as links)

hello good morning,
I need to put in the configuration file a macro as a variable but it gives me errors, could you help me !! would you know how you could put that vb.net macro as an environment variable in the configuration file? thanks

Hi @Palaniyappan
I also have a same task to perform, please guide how can convert an eml file pdf.