Variable type System.Collections.Generic.List<T> is missing under mscorlib.dll

My requirement is to assign a List variable type to a variable but unfortunately nothing is listed under mscorlib.dll

Any help in removing old mscorlib.dll and adding new mscorlib.dll which should have System.Collections.Generic.List method in it


Check out this thread



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was the XAML involved within a conversion from legacy to Windows?
is the project set to Windows compatiblity?

then the list is found under System.Private.CoreLib

I was able to resolve the problem by using System.Collections.Generic. But in the solution post I have seen something where it was asked “to which framework studio project was set to”. I’m not sure how to check for it. Can someone help me on this.



bottom right in Studio

It is VB, Windows. What else we will be seeing here.

so the list type it offered under