Mscorlib is empty in "browse and select a .Net Type" list

I don’t have mscorlib in my “browse and select a .Net Type” list!!! Anyone know how do I install it?


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please tell us:

  • to which targetframework is the UiPath Studio Project set: Windows Legacy, Windows
  • for which exact datataype was you looking for


It’s for Windows. I’m learning, and all the youtube videos use Lists with this mscorlib.

I’ve been looking for this solution for about 2 days now. I even started to learn others ways of working with lists using “System.Collections.Generic.List” from “System.Private.Corelib []”

But I’ll appreciate if you know how to solve this mscorlib problem. Thanks.

As it is windows we would look here:


The Video was maybe adressing Windows Legacy

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would / should work in the same way

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