Variable not applying for file name

Hello all,

I am just starting my adventure in UiPath, coming from a different “desktop automation” software. I am trying to add a date variable to a file name for Excel. I created a variable

that sets the date to the “MM.dd.yyyy” format that I am needing. I tested the variable with a simple message box and it worked as expected image
After opening the “Save as” dialog box within Excel, I am trying to save the report name as such “Client Unpaid Primary and finally the date” image
I tried the above file name leaving the variable at the end, however this is typing the actual characters “dtDate” instead of performing the expression. Is my formatting incorrect that is preventing from the expression from performing? If so, can someone please guide me on what the correct structure should be?

Apologies if this is in the incorrect sub-forum.
Thank you!

Forgot to list that I tried leaving the variable outside of the quotations, and received a ‘compiler error’ regarding the end of expression being expected.

When appending strings in (which uipath uses), you have to use + in between each string. So change it to: "GSP Unpaid Primary" + dtDate and it should work as expected :slight_smile:


You need to concatenate the values

use as "GSP Unpaid Primary" + dtDate

Hope this helps you


I assumed I was missing some form of structure, so thank you for confirming that. I will have to do some research into VB to understand any complexities to better assist me with UiPath.
Thank you both for your responses!

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