Variable map

Hi all I have a suggestion for a function which could help in development in Studio - I’m working now on your products for more than 2 years and I miss one feature very much.

So when I develop big projects with more 10 xmal’s sometimes I need to nest file in the file (invoking) and work with them on different levels.

At this moment sometimes the number of Vars and connection is like a big spiderweb, would it be possible to add to the uipath pane with the variable map? - with info like a tree where which var is and where it connects to the argument which is later connected to a different var?

Also for debugging it would be good to have an unattached little window that would show live values of vars and arguments on execution(for now I know I can check it only when the bot is paused)

@loginerror @Pablito do you think that this feature would be possible to introduce in studio?

Hey @Mikolaj_Zielinski

We recognize that variable management is currently lacking and your feedback reinforces the need to improve in this area.

I saved your feedback for our team to consider. It might not be immediately the next version, but we will work to streamline the experience a lot in the future.