Variable and Argument Descriptions


I’ve had a search for similar topics and didn’t find anything, but I’m still fully expecting to be pointed to an existing topic on this one as I can’t believe no one else has asked for this: a description field for variables and arguments.

If I make a workflow xaml with arguments, then in order to communicate to other/future users the desired content or purpose of the argument, so they know what value to use in the import/edit arguments windows, I have two options:

  1. I can add an annotation at the top of the XAML workflow and expect the future user to open the workflow in order to read it and know what to enter into the arguments panel.

  2. I can add an annotation to the argument itself and expect the future user to open the workflow file, expand the arguments panel and mouse-over the annotation of the argument

Similarly for variables. I can add an annotation to a variable currently, but I have to mouse-over it in the variables pane in order to read it (I know, I know… first-world problems). It would be nice if there were a ‘description’ column,. then I could just see it all in front of me.

If a description field could be added that also is shown in the ‘import arguments’ and ‘edit arguments’ windows, then it would be simple to see what value needs to be passed.

As an added bonus, the description could also be used to provide the description tooltip that shows on parameters when a workflow is published as an activity.