Values from pdf

Hey guys,
I need help getting values from a pdf doc please. I have tried screen scraping, web scraping, get text and I could only scrape the entire page instead of the specific values I am looking for. Any suggestions will be helpful. Thanks for your help!

Use get full text activity

That gets the entire text on the pdf no?

Use get value activity

For some reason I don’t have the get value activity. Probably not available in uipath ce?

Get Full text would work. You can use Indicate on screen option to select the area of PDF which you want to scrape.

I tried that but it copied the entire pdf text after using indicate on screen.

Is it a text based PDF or scanned one (image based)?

It is image based. I tried using OCR but couldn’t get it to work

Ideally Get OCR text should work with Indicate screen element option.

Yeah that was what I thought but it it’s not working for some reason. I tried to write the output to csv file cause I am trying to compare the data from the pdf file to another data on csv format.