How to get value from selected item in 'list item'


I am trying to retrieve the text value from a PDF. The field on the pdf is a list of times (i.e. 8:00 AM, 9:00 AM, etc.). One value will be selected when the document is processed. I need to retrieve that value from the PDF. I have it being saved in a variable that will be used later.

I am assuming that the GetText activity is the best for this situations, but everything I have tried is not working to read the chosen value. One way that I had it configured, would output the last value in the list of times (8:00 PM in that case).

I have also tried using the GetAttribute activity looking for ‘text’. But that didn’t work either.

Here is a screenshot of the form that I am trying to get the values off of.


There has to be a way to get these values, but I have not been able to find anything that works.

Can anyone help? Thanks!

If GetText & GetAttribute is not working, could you try with “Read PDF Text” & “Read PDF With OCR” Activity and use a regex to extract the value?.. I hope it should work in your case.

I tried that originally, but it was not working how it should.

I used the Start Process/Use Application to open up Acrobat. This way I can pick and choose which information I extract.

Maybe if you can share a sample pdf, I can try some solutions. Also, have you tried the “CV Get Text”?

Hi @Nick_Van7 ,

Could you try the Below Component :

Let us know if it did not work.

Hi Rahul,

I cannot upload attachments yet, as Soon as I can I will upload the sample PDF that I have.

@Nick_Van7 Can you please try with CV activities. There is something called CV Get Text. Use the below doc and video for ref