Value doesn't fall within the expected range

Hi folks,

I am having some issues with a process, I am using datascraping in extract data but i am facing

error like value doesn’t fall within the expected range. Any ifea for this let me know

Ravi chandra.

Hi @Ravi_Chandra

May be the target application not responding or network issues

While Data Scrapping the application has open the Correct page?


Hi Gokul,

I am opening correct web page,its work successfully in longtime today only i am facing this issue again i try to datascrap but its not working today

Hi @Ravi_Chandra

Have tried to reinstall the Extension of the browser? If Not, Can you it

Hello @Ravi_Chandra
The error may occur due to a Bad network loading the page or a server issue.
Try after sometimes.

Thanks for your suggestion, I try same browser another tab it is working this first tabits not working

Hello @Ravi_Chandra

Please confirm whether any recent u[date happened in UiPath studio or in packages?
If yes, please upgrade the packages to the stable version and check it once again.


Hi Rahul,

I am not updated anything my studio or packages still issue is coming

Go to Manage package-> update all the packages