Value does not fall within the expected range - Web automation




I´m having trouble identifing why the error " Value does not fall within the expected range" appears only when i´m not on debug.

If i use the debug the robot run smooth.

Any clue what might be the problem?


Will you share more details with screenshot or activity where you are getttin.



Every time i run the robot a different error apears, but with i run the debug mode it doesn´t show.

The robot searchs for various process on a specific site the needs login to acess.
The error occours, usualy, after 3 or 4 searchs. So the buttons it clicks and the other activities work fine the first and second time.

The error i menciotioned was this

It happens after i close a pop up window and start a new search.
And as i said it doesn´t happen everytime a new search starts.

Thanks for your help.


it is select item activity. make sure the items have been loaded before the activity execution. so try with some delay before it.


The item was already loaded, the page is the same used for the first search.

I already set a 10s delay. It didn´t help.


check the item name you are passing. .might be a space issue or that values exists in dropdown.


the value is the same of the other searchs.

Whats the difference between the debug run and the normal run? Just the speed of execution?


Yes… the above specific error occurs when select activity is not able to find the passed valued to select.


i understand the error but why it doesnt appear on debug and on the first and second search?
The value is fixed and set by the record function.

i´m trying to change the time between the activities but that doesn´t seems to work.


It will be easy If you share the XAML file…
As I read above chat, I think issue is with second search…
for second search activity not able to find expected text


Unfortunately i can´t send the XAML with the password used to acess the site.

For me, the mystery is why it works on debug. The error doesn´t make any sense since the value used is the same used on all the searchs.

Is there a way to assure that the window set before the action is set after the “show window” activity? i don´t think thats the problem, but i´m out of ideas.