Write Range Error ; Value doesnt fall in Expected Range

Hey Everyone,
I am facing a problem , where I am using a For each row loop under Excel Application Scope . Now I filter a DataTable (in Sheet2) based on some condition from Sheet 1.
Now the I want to write/paste Filtered Data in Sheet3.

For this I am Write Range activity under the For Each row of Sheet 1.
When I use Write Range, it throws an error showing the “Value does not fall within the expected range”.

@Palaniyappan, @balupad14 @lakshman

Please help on the same.


No need to use ForEach loop.

Apply select Query or Filter DataTable activity on input data and then use Write Range activity to write into Excel file.

before write range activity use a KILL PROCESS ACTIVITY and mention the processname property as “EXCEL” and then use WRITE RANGE activity from WORKBOOK activity and not from excel
also enable the add headers property

Cheers @Aditya_Bhalerao

@Palaniyappan tried doing that but it didnt work

Can you please share a workflow, explaining the same.


Does the BOT start the Excel Acitivity again as this acitivity is intermediate one.

Yah it would as it is writing back the data right

can i have a screenshot of the workflow if possible


I have messaged you the Workflow.

Palaniyappan.xaml (10.5 KB) Palaniyappan.xlsx (93.5 KB)

@Palaniyappan , I named the files on your name.

Guys any update ???

@Palaniyappan Any Updates ???

Since there is no data in filtered data table “Disp3” thats why it is throwing out of Range exception.