Value conversion issue

hello @J0ska
I need one more help from you.
I am trying to scrap data from web page…

I just changed attr= ‘text’ to attr= 'value’
<column name=‘Column1’ attr=‘value’

now the problem is i want to print or use that data to proceed further but using tosting it’s not printing
refer below img for reference

How did you come to the idea to make such change?
What is the purpose of this change?


My front end showing some values but if i use attr= ‘text’ wasn’t take values. so first search for attr in web page so found change there…that’s it

As far as I know the format of XML created by data scraping wizard is not much documented. So I do not know what effect this change might have.

Better to reformulate the question or search forum for some hints.


Some explanation of the XML manipulation


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