Validation of data from webpage and queue

First Name, Last Name, DOB are extracted from web page and First Name, Last Name, DOB getting from queue, then I need to check the condition for each like first name from web & first name from queue is equal or not, similarly for last name & DOB. If all 3 conditions are satisfied then I need to write status is “OK” in Excel File, if any one condition is failed I need to write status as “NOT OK” with appropriate remark(reason) which condition is not equal\satisfied.

Kindly help me to build this workflow and mention activities & conditions, that I need to be used.

you can first create an excel file to input these 2 data
then use that excel file to do comparison using for each activity
inside the for each
( if data1/column1 = data2/column2 and data2/column2 = data2/column2 etc)
then (
assign row(“columnstatus”) = “OK”
assign row(“columnstatus”) = “not OK”


hope it helps , you can adjust the first step as you need