Validation Error. Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression row

Hi everyone,

I have next error, but I do not know how the solution could be implemented:


Error ERROR Validation Error Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “row(“Name”).ToString.split(” “c)(0)”.
‘row’ no está declarado. Puede que esté inaccesible debido a su nivel de protección. ProcessData.xaml

I appreciated your support on it.

Thanks a lot.

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The exception is about that row is not known as a variable.

Ensure following:

  • check if the variable is declared and is defining a scope which can be reached by the type into

Maybe you can share some screenshots from where we can see when row was the first time involved e.g. for each row activity


I am facing the same problem.

It’s a tutorial in UIPath which retrieves data from an Excel file with 2 columns;

  1. Name (this must split because name and surname are together)
  2. Rol in company

The aim is to write the data on


After testing a lot, the issue was because of the control I was using to read each row.

In the tutorial is using a For Each Row object (obj_in_tutorial) and I was using For Each Row in Data Table object (my object) because of the first one doesn’t exist in this Studio version.

In the first one object, the variable used was row in comparison with the second one was currentRow.

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Hi, thank you for updating us on this issue. I’m facing the exact same scenario but did not manage to solve it.
The control “For each row in Data Table” has “CurrentRow” as Index in Output-section. “CurrentRow” is set as variable with scope that is accessible by every component. Yet it does not working.

Error message ist:
Value of type “System table” cannot be converted to integer. This formula is causing the issue:

CurrentRow(“Name”).ToString.split(" "c)(0)

I assume the “variable type” is incorrect. Which type did you choose to make the scenario work?


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This works, thanks for the best answer