Dates in the excel

i need to create an excel with every week one day like
today 22/10/2020 in the A1 and 29/10/2020 in the A2 like that it should go one for every month
can anyone suggest me how can we do it

Hi @lakshmi3,

You can use a Do While (with the condition on where to stop, e.g. when the year ends)
Chose a startDate and then have a counter

Write in the cell “A” + counter the startDate.AddDays(7 X (counter-1))

Or similarly Assign startDate to a variable Date and in each loop you Assign

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i’ve tried this but with the assign activity it is showing
‘is not a memeber of integer’


In the Cell Space there is “A”+Counter.ToString


In the bottom you see how the variables are defined

thankyou for the reply
in the variable unable to give the start date as it states value integer cannot be converted to date

Can you screenshot how you are assigning the start date?

You should not use the quotes

i’ve tried without quotes too but it is still the same


This Works for sure

hi have tried with this one as well but getting error as

You can do one of the following:

  1. Put the Assign before the write Cell
  2. Start from Counter=1 or 2

thankyou for the reply
it worked with the date

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