V2021.10.1 onwards , How to reset the default tenant’s admin password?

Thanks so much for your sharing!
from 2021.10.1 , how to reset the default tenant’s admin password?
can I do it the same as [From 2020.4.1 till 2021.4]?

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You mean updating from the config file right ?


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I read the guidance from here
Resetting Default And Host Tenant Passwords - News / Knowledge Base - UiPath Community Forum
But From 2021.10.1 Version, I can’t see any note for updating the default tenant’s admin password.
I am using OC (on premise 2022.4) and I tested to change default tenant’s admin password successfully ( the way I did was the same as changing admin password From 2020.4.1 till 2021.4]'s guidance.
So I just wanna confirm the way to reset default tenant’s admin password is the same as From 2020.4.1 to 2021.4 and From 2021.10

Yep @trinhthithu

It should be fine !

But regarding the docs @loginerror If you can confirm once please.

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