Utility to uninstall old libraries versions

After working with Studio for a while in the same computer, a lot versions are used for different libraries.

This generates a lot of files in the users .nuget\packages folder, which ends up consuming a lot of (most of the time unnecessary) space.

Cleaning up this folder can be done manually, but I think it would be better to have some kind of uninstall package version functionality.

This utility could be part of the Package Manager, where there’s a tab that shows all your downloaded/installed library versions and lets you choose which one to uninstall.

When choosing to uninstall a library version, it could also prompt you the option to choose to uninstall it’s dependencies, but this could introduce a lot of problems if not done carefully.

Cool suggestion! I added it to our tracker.

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Hi @loginerror, how are you?

Do you know if there is any update regarding this idea?

Right now in my personal machine .nuget\packages folder takes almost 13GB :worried:

It was recognized as a useful future and put in the backlog. I’m sure our team will get to it at some point and I’ll keep this topic updated :slight_smile:

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