I made a mistake.... how do I fix it?

Long story short… I created a Library, then Published it. One of the times I was publishing, I decided to manually change the number. However I typo’d and entered 1.17 instead of 1.1.7 – so now there is this version “17” out there that I do not want.

Since it’s a Library, it is being used by other Workflows as a package. So when I’m inside those Workflows and need to update the library package, it is showing 1.17 as the default – and I (or other developers) have to manually change it to the correct new version.

Is there any way to get rid of this erroneous version from showing up when upgrading other Workflows to the latest Library version?

Quick shot:

  • delete all nugets from nuget store
  • do correction on project.json
  • as a last resort: modify metadata by using nuget explorer

for sure, check package manager of consuming projects after steps done from above

Hi Peter thanks for the response. How do I delete it from the nuget store? I searched all around Studio and and unable to locate anything like that. The only thing I found in Orchestrator had to do with Workflows – not Library packages.

Can someone tell me how to delete a package from the nuget store as Peter suggested? I’m trying to remove the an incorrect version of a package from Orchestrator so that it doesn’t show up in the list of versions when upgrading it from within another package.


Navigate to below path in your system and delete the last published version.


Hi @lakshman - I did that and it still shows up in the list of available packages when I am updating Package versions within another workflow.


If library is published with some mistake, you can simply delete that via orchestrator and simply publish the newer package.

Did you face any difficulties in doing so?

Yes, deletion of the package will be helpful but they have downloaded that. You can make the changes mentioned above and those who have downloaded can delete that one library package from source

Hi @rahulsharma - The issue is that this package is being used by other packages. When I attempt to update the other packages, then it is still showing the erroneous 17.0.0 version in the drop-down list (as shown in screenshot above). I do not want this package to show in the drop-down of other packages that are dependent on it.

it’ll show up, until the feed has that package

have you deleted the package from orchestrator?

If you have deleted and still is showing up then it was downloaded on that system, delete it from both. Refresh the project or reopen and see if it shows up.

Also have you released a new version yet?